Bigger Differences Between Regular Computers and Gaming Computers

The Gap between Gamer PCs and Regular Computers is Growing

Traditionally, the difference between your average computers and gamer PCs has always been simple: your average computer was built with nearly outdated technology and your gamer PC was built the latest and greatest components. Now as technology is taking leaps and bounds in program and game design as well as in software development and application, computer hardware has had to be improved and innovated faster than ever before. Program developers are making their most creative and exotic imaginings become virtual reality on computer hardware that is years ahead of what average desktops are normally comprised. Gamer PCs have been built to bring to life on the monitor the developers’ best renderings of their imaginations.


In order to keep up with developers’ and players’ demands for performance, advances in hardware have grown at an alarming rate, lengthening the gap between gamer PCs and regular computers by years. One of the largest differences when looking at the latest high-end gamer PC compared to a regular system is that the latest gamer PC has liquid cooling tubes which keep the CPU and graphics cards chilled and running faster. The lack of empty space is also quite obvious; whereas, in a normal desktop there is often glaring spaces of emptiness that don’t exist in its competition.

Visual Performance

Another conspicuous dissimilarity between normal desktop computers and gaming computers is the performance when playing programs like Crisis or Skyrim. The quality of play and visual performance is astounding on computers for gamers, especially when compared with the play and visual performance on a regular desktop system. The graphics cards in the comparison above are often completely incompatible to begin with. Not to mention the CPUs running them would also be on totally separate levels in term of processing speed and power.

Speed and Price

The speed and processing power of gaming computers would normally begin near the 3.0 GHZ range. This is where you might be able to reach if you were to try and overclock the CPU on an average desktop computer. An average desktop could cost anywhere from $800-$2,000, whereas a high-end performance machine could cost upwards of $10,000-$15,000 for a cutting edge, custom built, overclocked computer.

The differences between regular computers and gamer PCs has stretched and grown in every way including dollar signs. The most obvious difference, however, is simply in performance.

On MMORPGs and Game Moderation

There is an increasing number of teens and adults who are playing in websites that feature MMORPGs – massively multiplayer online role-playing games that keep people hooked and playing online for several hours. With the growing popularity, as well as new technologies and development in computer hardware, playing MMORPGs is getting even better.

A crucial part of MMORPGs is game moderation. It is an essential aspect of the game in the sense that it prevents hackers from entering the online game arena and filters any offensive language from the players. There are hackers who share cheats and hacked codes to other players. Game moderators are responsible for making sure that players follow the guidelines set by the website when it comes to playing MMORPGs.

Moderating MMORPGs can be a daunting task. Aside from the fact that sites run these games on a global scale 24/7, there must be someone who is constantly monitoring the games and the players. Hackers and cheaters must be prevented in order to maintain security of a particular game. If your site is known to have hackers and inefficient game monitoring, you will not get a lot of players, thus affecting your sales and online reputation. That’s how important the role of a moderator is.

If you own a site that runs MMORPGs, you might want to consider game moderation outsourcing. This simply means transferring game moderation tasks to a third party service provider. The Philippines is an ideal outsourcing destination for moderation work. Aside from the relatively lower labor and operational costs, site owners can take advantage of the difference in time zones (GMT+8, EST+12). The Philippines is a great location of choice for the 24/7 business operations of Western companies. Also, Filipino teenagers and young adults love playing online games, and with the country’s cultural compatibility with Western culture, Filipino game moderators can quickly adapt to the language and attitude of players from Western countries.

Buying and Selling Used Gaming Computers and Gaming Computer Parts

It is no secret that computer games are no longer just for kids. These days, adults are known to be just as serious (and often much more serious) about gaming as kids are. Regardless of how old or how young you are, if you love computer games, a good thing to have is a gaming computer. Gaming computers, for the most part, are not much different from regular computers. There are, however, a few distinct differences. One of the biggest differences is in the quality of the hardware, as gaming-computers require top of the line parts that can accommodate the latest graphics developed by the gaming companies. High end features like faster processors, bigger hard drives, and superior audio speakers also make gaming computers a lot more expensive than other computers.

Fortunately, there are websites where gaming fans can buy and sell alienware gaming computer parts online. For people looking to buy a gaming-computer, this is an excellent way to get cheaper prices on what can be quite expensive parts. If you are looking at sites that sell alienware gaming computer parts used, there are a few parts that you will want to pay close attention to.

The first part that is important is the graphics card. The best computer games are known for their outstanding graphics and 3D videos, and so in order to enjoy them you will need to have a computer with a strong graphics and video card that is capable of supporting the games you want to play.

When you are browing websites that sell alienware gaming-computer parts, another part that you will want to pay close attention to is the processor. You will need to have a powerful in order for a computer to be able to easily run the gaming applications.

Another thing that you will want to take into consideration is the display and sound quality. Visuals and sounds are some of the most important aspects of computer games, and gaming-computers need to be able to display high quality images and produce clear sounds.

When you are looking at websites that sell alienware gaming computer parts, you will also want to look at the hard drive. Computer games can take up a lot of memory, so it is important that your gaming computer has a large hard drive with plenty of memory space. When shopping online at sites that sell alienware gaming computer parts, look for hard drives that come with a minimum of 200 GB of space.

Saving money on a gaming-computer is just a few clicks away. If you want a gaming computer that is capable of accommodating even the most complex games but you cannot afford a new one, you should take advantage of the websites that sell alienware gaming computer parts secondhand. Buying parts that are gently pre-used will not diminish their quality but can greatly reduce the price. Of course, it is always a good idea to carefully research the specific items that you are buying and only buy from reputable sources to make sure you get what you pay for.